Other Services

Bird Grooming, Exotics and Hobby Farm Pets, Pet Sitting,
​ Post Surgical Wound Care & More

Another “aspect” is all the additional services we offer. We understand how hard it can be to find someone who can come to the home and take care of your birds grooming requirements. Beak trimming, toenail cutting, clipping of the wings and even bathing are available.

Exotics need not feel left out either. Toenail trims available for all species of small pocket pets such as rabbits, sugar glider and chinchillas. Hobby farm animals can also get hooves trimmed, clips and baths. These include, but certainly not limited to potbelly pigs, sheep and goats and horses (grooming only). Sorry, farrier work not available for horses/mules/cattle. Herd and flock discounts apply, please call for details.

Pet sitting available for all species, including fresh and salt water aquatics. Reptiles on a case by case basis, but turtles always welcome! This also includes hobby farm animals, including bedding changes and making sure there is plenty of fresh water available.

And in the unfortunate event your pet has been injured, has had surgery or is a hospice patient, we are available to change dressings, administer medications and do procedures your vet has prescribed for at home care. We can also help with glucose measuring (blood sugar) by using glucometers.

Whatever your pet may be, whatever they may need, quality, reliable and compassionate care is available.