Grooming Provides More than Just Aesthetics

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Cage-less, Noose-less Grooming!

Grooming is often only thought of as haircuts, bandannas and bows. But there are many other reasons to have your pet professionally groomed. An experienced groomer, such as Mandy will make note of any problems perhaps just in their beginning stages, such as suspicious lumps and possible ear infections. Only exceptions to cage-less and noose-less grooming is for possibly drying (exceptionally thick coats) and pets that need additional support on the table. Often times, Mandy will groom a nervous, older or handicapped pet right at their level!

Cats are not dogs, and dogs are not cats. Each species is given respect to their nature. Many claim to groom cats, but really treat them as temperamental dogs. Mandy truly loves grooming kitties, without roughness, agitation or aggravation.

We use only salon products, with no harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic and safe even for the tiniest of puppies and kittens. Additional care is given to provide products that are not animal tested. Special fun items include wash out harmless dyes, glitter and stenciling, and feather extensions!
All equipment sanitized between pets.

"Pixie" takes a break after clipping and prepares to be hand scissored.

“Pixie” takes a break after clipping and prepares to be hand scissored.

In home grooming provides the pet with being in comfortable and safe surroundings, so their
stress level is almost none. A great advantage is that you, the pet parent are there and can watch
how your pet is treated, ask questions about products and perhaps pick up some in between
groom tips to keep your pet looking their best. Never had your pet groomed before?
Mandy takes her time with pets that have not been groomed. She will teach your pet with love and
kindness that this can be a fun and positive experience. Young pets are taught good manners,
while getting a great new do.
Senior and handicapped pets are given lots of love and respect.
Everyone enjoys getting a potty break once in a while as well!

Included in every groom is our special deluxe bath. We bathe each pet twice to be squeaky
clean, conditioner if necessary, anal glands are done internally to be sure they are totally
empty, ears cleaned/plucked, nails trimmed and Dremelled to get rid of the rough spots,
teeth brushed and finally any straggly hairs trimmed.

If a full groom or sanitary is to be done, then the real work begins. Mandy does all breed
grooming, but can also style new do’s for designer breeds and those seeking a more unique
look for their pet. She can also advise on styles and cuts, determined by the pets lifestyle,
activity level and coat condition.

Clipping is important, but the real trick is the hand scissoring of the coat to make it look
more natural and is the key trick to a longer lasting groom. Mandy is an expert on
hand scissoring. You’ll be amazed on how great your pet will look!

We also offer “a day at the spa” for ultra pampering… for details!